Luxe Alternative Lifestyle Events

You have achieved everything in life and are looking for the next level - for yourself and your partner. Have you considered swinging, but always thought Swinger Clubs or the people are not your style?

AVEC PLAISIR combines the alternative lifestyle with exclusive, elaborate parties at unique locations. We provide exclusive venues and invite exciting people to indulge in life's most basic passion - in an environment of class, style and ambiance.

Our Mission

The AVEC PLAISIR mission is simple: We aim to provide our members with the perfect environment to indulge in life's pleasures. We arrange discrete luxury Swinger Lifestyle Events and Swinger Parties.

AVEC PLAISIR allows members and invited guests to escape a "conventional" life and indulge in life's core pleasures!


Our philosophy is very simple: Most everything is allowed at our events. As the well being of every member, guest and staff member is our priority, we have an easy to understand restriction: "No" means "No!". Attendees disregarding this policy will be escorted from the event.


  • AVEC PLAISIR hosts lifestyle events in Europe, the Caribbean and South Africa

  • We carefully select exciting venues

  • We charter yachts

  • Our skilled team organizes all aspects of an event

Exciting Guests

Most importantly, we carefully screen potential members as well as invited guests. We all want to have a fantastic time, so we only invite selected, like-minded individuals to attend our events.


The security of our members and guests is our paramount concern. We therefore have a dedicated security team, which travels to all all events.